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Creativity is our strong. We dare to dream why our projects make a difference.

Aidearte is a design studio located in Bilbao, dedicated to the development of branding, web, creative, art direction and applied creativity.

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  • Branding: Visual identity.
  • SEO + SEM
  • Graphic and editorial design
  • Packaging

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In our graphic design studio in Bilbao we offer services ranging from brand management and design, branding design is included, which in turn brings together any element that makes up the brand of a company: the logo, editorial design, packaging, website design, interior and exterior communication, advertising and graphic design.
With an experience of more than ten years, we can help and advise you to improve your brand, update it and make your customers perceive you above your competitors, making a difference.

Another of the services we offer you, along with the design of web pages, is a SEO and SEM plus positioning service to make the website improve in internet searches and appear in the top positions. This is usually a background race that has to start from minute one so that, positioning together with the web design, make anyone searching the internet find us in the first place and stay thanks to a coherent web structure, simple and fast, supported by a graphic design applied to the attractive web.




In which we develop a briefing, and a counter briefing. Where terms are clarified and other contributions are made if necessary. This documents clarify the concepts of the project and the foundations are laid for the budget.

For the development of each project we set beforehand through a budget and subsequent contract the items to be developed avoiding unexpected surprises and unrealistic budget.



Once the study of the competition, conceptual, formal and chromatic study for the preparation of the project design proposal are done, we always work hand in hand with our clients.

We take into account your market experience, real perception of the medium and a long etcetera, which will ensure that the design project and relationship of the Client-Company-Brand is always satisfactory.

Thus, the final proposals to be developed are presented to the client, executing the pertinent adjustments on the design and proceeding to the third and final step.



Delivery of the elements contracted by the client. At this point we take care, in case of need, the management, printing and delivery of materials.

In the case of web design, we also provide if required, a training session for the simplified management of their website.

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